Hello to all Towne Lake and Heritage Towne Lake residents, this is a notification about our current water pressure issue, MUD 172 has been informed by WHCRWA that they have stopped providing the Towne Lake water plant water at the president time due to their severe low water issue.

MUD 172 has been in contact with our neighboring districts who we have water interconnects with to help with our water pressure concern. MUD 172 has opened these interconnects but there is such a demand on all of our neighboring districts that this effort has only been a minimum of help.

We will need everyone in the Towne Lake and Heritage Towne Lake portion of MUD 172 to minimize their usage of water until further notice. If our joint efforts are ineffective then there could be a “BOIL WATER” notice issued in the near future, this will be done by a door hanger, update on the MUD 172 website and a follow up email informing everyone where we stand.

Thanks in advance for all of your efforts in this matter.

Jerry Folmar
President MUD 172